Finally I have something new to share with all of you.
I started a new blog on a new domain:


In about a month or so I will be closing this site down so hopefully all of you are able to get the news.

The new site on bloglovin: Ditte Villadsen
Dittevilladsen.com on facebook: Facebook

I hope to see you there :)



One of my new favorite songs of the new year - after watching the season finale of the horrible amusing cartoon BoJack Horseman.

Back to business: I am currently taking a break from the world of blogging. I have to rethink the whole concept and get some fresh and useful ideas in my head. I have bought my very own domain, which is a start. I will return when the new blog is open, so you know where to go.

Months ago I did a guest blog thing and last week it finally popped up on the blog:
Tell all tuesday featured artist Ditte
Thank you Jenny for the opportunity!


About technical problems

I do apologize for the swearing, but there is something about these things that makes me tick. It doesn’t help when other areas in life breaks as well... around the same time. At least the store takes it back to fix it.

Read about the idea here


About sundays

A new year calls for new adventures - also on the blog. This is a new project: I give myself 1 minute to talk about something about myself. I named the project About a girl. It seemed right at the time. I thought to myself that most people can maintain focus for 1 minute, so that is why it's not longer. This also means filming and editing is much easier. It's very simple. No music, just a short intro and the video. Nothing else. This way you can listen to me blab for 1 minute. 

This was the first take - makes it rawer and that way I can slowly grow into the new role as a ... I guess vlogger. By watching these videos you can get to know me better, as a person and as an artist - they are very much linked together. I hope you will embrace my new semi-crazy project, and if you have questions then just ask. What is a better subject to start with then Sundays? Very fitting because it's Sunday.        
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