"On the pad again..."

One word: Messy. Two words: Messy feelings. If I can't paint with my feelings there is no point of painting at all. I began painting because it was a way for me to get my feelings out without having to use words. The pad is not so great dealing with that, because the thin paper can only take so much. I HAVE to purchase new canvases. Mental note. You should be able to view the final result tomorrow.

For a short second I thought about doing a calendar-thing - a countdown to Christmas, but the lack of time killed that thought quickly. I don't think you should be cheated out of Christmas vibes on the blog, so for every post I will try to add a Christmassy touch.

Tonight I give you a sad Christmas song - 
I have always loved this version of the song. 
Merry Christmas

6 kommentarer:

  1. I just love your musings on here Ditte. You are a very interesting person x

  2. Thank you for the Christmas song. I look forward to seeing what you have created tomorrow. We all run out of time at Christmas don't be hard on yourself. Hugs Jackie

    1. You are very welcome Jackie :) I will try to remember that!

  3. Hej Ditte. Tak for ord, følelser og din sang :-)
    Jeg kan se at du også tegner :-)

    Mange søde jule hilsner fra Maria

    1. Det var så lidt Maria :)
      Ja, det gjorde jeg engang for mange måner siden xD
      Julehilsner til dig også :o)


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