Jingle Bell Rock

Okay so this might not work, but I am going to try it anyway. Both this weekend and week has been busy, so I have not been able to touch a brush or paint for some time. It did kind of make me crazy, but after some glasses of wine and a great movie I have calmed down.

Ahem... after checking; the embed code does work. This little song is maybe not surprisingly sung by me and some dude I don't now on an app called Sing! It can't be more Christmassy then that! So there you go - yet again: Merry Christmas!

I hope I have something new to share with you soon again.

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  1. Brilliant Ditte!! It's a fabulous Christmas song and your rendition of it is fabulous. It sounds like you had a lot of fun x

    1. Thank you very much Andree :) It was very fun.


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