Holiday snooze

It is no lie, that it has been a while
A holiday snooze you could call it or loose
 Sense it is not making, sorry about the break-in
Ehm... let's just drop it while it's hot, because a poet I am not

Back to where things make sense. Yes, I have been away for longer than I like to admit. There is nothing like Christmas to soak up any energy you might have. I have not been blogging, but I have been creative. Mainly painting. I am finally almost done with the paintings I promised my mum many moons ago. She wanted something for her bathroom with either some kind of angel or bird. I came up with this so far. It just need some tweaking.     

For Christmas I got this piece of furniture. I have been wanting this one for about a decade, so I think my rights of showing off is earned in this case. It still stands and I still like it. Thank you mum and dad!

Getting back to why I even have this blog... I am working on two paintings at the moment. I have ideas - especially for the last one, not to sure about the first one. I might use it for the same purpose. I could do that... I really have to think about it more. In case you were wondering about the first painting, it is an earlier picture of the middle one.

1 kommentar:

  1. Kæreste Ditte,
    jeg vil ønske dig det bedste nytår ever :-)
    Må alt godt gå din vej.
    Dejlig julegave og flot maleri. Glæder mig til dit gæste indlæg :-)
    Nytårs knus fra Maria


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