A splash of what may be - artpad #5

This is the result of hardcore fingerpainting - the more soft kind with touches of the killing kind - with my hands. Almost as good as using a punching bag. This is what I am talking about! Feelings on a piece of paper. You can't call it particularly Christmassy, but I did add a bit of cobber to it, which makes it a bit sparkly. After this one I really need to get back to a proper canvas - a canvas that can take some punches!

I used a lot of different colors even though it can be difficult to tell. I am going to try to list them all below. I still use the acrylic colors from The Grene Sisters (Søstrene Grene).

Yellow Pale 
Red Scarlet 
Green Mid 
Blue Cerulean (Hue) 
White Ivory 

I can't really explain the title. It sort of just came to me. It sounded right in my ears, but I guess the actual meaning of it is up to you.

A bit of Christmas today

4 kommentarer:

  1. Beautiful work Ditte. Gorgeous colours x

  2. Glædelig 2.advent kæreste Ditte :-)
    Hvor er det fint det du har lavet, måske du engang vil lave en lille udstilling når jeg åbner mit gallery?

    Jeg fik lavet en lille shop til min blog i dag, så dejligt.
    Du er velkommen til at kigge forbi "En verden af kunst"
    Julehilsner fra Maria

    1. Mange tak søde Maria :) Og ja selvfølgelig vil jeg det, som jeg jo har skrevet. :D


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