Holiday snooze

It is no lie, that it has been a while
A holiday snooze you could call it or loose
 Sense it is not making, sorry about the break-in
Ehm... let's just drop it while it's hot, because a poet I am not

Back to where things make sense. Yes, I have been away for longer than I like to admit. There is nothing like Christmas to soak up any energy you might have. I have not been blogging, but I have been creative. Mainly painting. I am finally almost done with the paintings I promised my mum many moons ago. She wanted something for her bathroom with either some kind of angel or bird. I came up with this so far. It just need some tweaking.     

For Christmas I got this piece of furniture. I have been wanting this one for about a decade, so I think my rights of showing off is earned in this case. It still stands and I still like it. Thank you mum and dad!

Getting back to why I even have this blog... I am working on two paintings at the moment. I have ideas - especially for the last one, not to sure about the first one. I might use it for the same purpose. I could do that... I really have to think about it more. In case you were wondering about the first painting, it is an earlier picture of the middle one.


Jingle Bell Rock

Okay so this might not work, but I am going to try it anyway. Both this weekend and week has been busy, so I have not been able to touch a brush or paint for some time. It did kind of make me crazy, but after some glasses of wine and a great movie I have calmed down.

Ahem... after checking; the embed code does work. This little song is maybe not surprisingly sung by me and some dude I don't now on an app called Sing! It can't be more Christmassy then that! So there you go - yet again: Merry Christmas!

I hope I have something new to share with you soon again.


The dress - 55 fiction

I can now present to you a brand new 55 fiction. This time it's not sad or depressing - no this time it's just plain disturbing. The sad thing is that I couldn't write anything else. Cry me a river, right?! Even worse is that this one is very much indeed based on something I most recent experienced. I try to leave it be but no my inspiration makes me write it. Thanks a lot. Thinking about it still creep me out, but I am sure that a very good explanation is at hand - just not mine. I will try to let it go now and not get totally lost in creepy land. 

Well, now to a more joyous occasion. 
Tonight I will recommend you to have a listen to this Christmas song:


Number 10: The Black One

My comment: This is my first time painting on a big ass canvas; measuring 40 x 50 cm. I started out with as I recall no idea at all - and then it turned out to be a very simple type of painting; all black and white. In real life it is a bit darker, less white. It didn't take me that long to create, but the next one I am going to craze out on colors and of course my beloved fingerpainting - with lots of feelings! The thing I remember best about this artwork was my mum’s comment: where you in a black mood? My answer was just not really. I guess it was what my inspiration gave me at the time.

Blogpost about the work
 The Black One

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 10. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated.


A splash of what may be - artpad #5

This is the result of hardcore fingerpainting - the more soft kind with touches of the killing kind - with my hands. Almost as good as using a punching bag. This is what I am talking about! Feelings on a piece of paper. You can't call it particularly Christmassy, but I did add a bit of cobber to it, which makes it a bit sparkly. After this one I really need to get back to a proper canvas - a canvas that can take some punches!

I used a lot of different colors even though it can be difficult to tell. I am going to try to list them all below. I still use the acrylic colors from The Grene Sisters (Søstrene Grene).

Yellow Pale 
Red Scarlet 
Green Mid 
Blue Cerulean (Hue) 
White Ivory 

I can't really explain the title. It sort of just came to me. It sounded right in my ears, but I guess the actual meaning of it is up to you.

A bit of Christmas today


"On the pad again..."

One word: Messy. Two words: Messy feelings. If I can't paint with my feelings there is no point of painting at all. I began painting because it was a way for me to get my feelings out without having to use words. The pad is not so great dealing with that, because the thin paper can only take so much. I HAVE to purchase new canvases. Mental note. You should be able to view the final result tomorrow.

For a short second I thought about doing a calendar-thing - a countdown to Christmas, but the lack of time killed that thought quickly. I don't think you should be cheated out of Christmas vibes on the blog, so for every post I will try to add a Christmassy touch.

Tonight I give you a sad Christmas song - 
I have always loved this version of the song. 
Merry Christmas
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