Wining on the artpad

Going straight to business - Yes I was drinking red wine while painting, and yes drops of red wine landed on the painting. Thankfully I was already using the color red, and thankfully wine works just like water - so no harm was done there. It doesn't make it less wired though - and a little sad losing my precious drops of wine. I did at one time think about, how I could combine my two great loves painting and red wine - this could be one way to go. Interesting.

As always I am not sure how I feel about the artpad piece. When I look at it tomorrow I might be able to feel it - whether it's done or it's lacking something. The final result will as always be scanned and showcased on the blog with a title and all. It is the most Christmassy I have done. Like ever. I love the colors - so I might try to paint many more throughout the holiday season. The writing part of it will properly be the hardest in this case. The text almost has to have some sort of holiday spirit over it. If you have any ideas for me, then don't hesitate to write me - in the comments or e-mail! Any ideas will be received gratefully.

I am trying to up my game in the blogging world. I am aiming for 5 posts a week, which for a while has been quite a challenge. The time for my creative world has been little, but I hope I now can put a lot more energy in on what I love to do: write and paint - and combining them. I really miss painting on a actual canvas instead of paper, and I miss writing more than blogposts. In between I have to work and search for a new job - well no one ever said life would be easy. On that note I will end this post. I will bid you goodnight with this song. WARNING singing along is difficult not to do!

6 kommentarer:

  1. You have literally turned your artpad piece into an organic work of art. I can visualise this with the colours reversed to symbolise the flowing wine x

  2. Very interesting and loving the design, the green looks like running water.
    Linda xxx

  3. Så dejligt at du er så aktiv med din kunst og din blog :-)
    Hvis du har lyst har jeg lagt en 1.advent giveaway på min blog.
    Ønsker dig en god mandag aften.

    1. Tak søde Maria :) Uh spændende, den må jeg lige få set på!


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