She Said - 55 fiction

The last 55 fiction sort of developed into a strange save sex speech Time - 55 fiction. This time is a bit different, still in a serious tone and just plain sad. I chose to make a pure dialogue, just for the hell of it. Started tearing up in the middle of it - not quite sure why, maybe it's because of the glass of red wine I had (and are having - my second glass), or because I really felt her pain. It properly does not help that I am on the verge of having my period. Wow that was a lot of girly nonsense.

Beside from my girl issues I spent the day sorting bills, preparing for my exam and tightening up. If I am up for it I be posting something Wednesday night, Oh my - only 3 days until my exam! Starting to feel some nerves. Most nervous about the practical part - the most difficult part of the exam to prepare for. I made a basic white sauce from scratch today for practice, and I think it went well (It did taste good with plenty of pepper). Though, I am not sure if I did it the right way, Have to ask my teacher tomorrow. Can't wait until the whole exam thing is over.

Please send me some good luck and thoughts - I could really need some right now!

6 kommentarer:

  1. Fabulous as always!
    Linda xxx

  2. Rigtig godt Ditte :-)

    Og skønt at se med al din kunst her på din blog :-)
    Jeg har en giveaway på bloggen, som måske er noget for dig, blot tryk på mit navn......

    God aften og hilsner fra Maria

    1. Mange tak Maria :) Godt at høre! :D


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