Rocky Road - artpad #3

It was a bit tricky to name this doodle of a painting - as I mentioned earlier this week it could sort of be a flag and a present - the giftwrapping of the present. I came to the conclusion that it more felt like a rocky road - like my life or any life for that matter. Every life can indeed experience some roads being rocky.

So it's Saturday in tiny Denmark, and there is only four days until my exam is over! Can't wait! I totally have to celebrate with a glass (or two) of red wine. Maybe I should really kick start Christmas and make Gløgg! Hope the stores are selling it... I have seen everything else but Gløgg.

My little arthelper Arthur
Arthur has been quite busy in the art helping area. He got very involved this week on my Rocky Road artpad painting. Just look at his greenish paw. He apparently wanted more green on the painting - or himself and the chair cousin. Thanks Arthur, you are such a great help... This is why I paint with acrylic colors!

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