It should be no secret that I had my final exam last week, and that I in the same week graduated with flowers, diploma and all. It was a really nice day, beside from the whole thing feeling a bit weird - that it was over. Weird in a happy way though. I thought the best way to show it would be with a picture from the day. The "Well almost..." part is because of the few months of internship that I need to complete - starting monday. While doing that I will begin searching for a job, so that will be interesting. 

My short holiday sort of got hijacked by a cold, so I have been relaxing a bit more than I first intended. I am hoping that I will start being creative again, maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I hope to have something so show you soon. I also hope that I soon can drink coffee and red wine again...  

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  1. Et meget stort tillykke med det hele :-)
    Jeg ønsker dig held og lykke med at finde et super job :-)



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