Empty glass - 55 fiction

I made it happen! One 55 fiction that include the word wine and Christmas. Sure - it's pretty dark, I agree, but for some reason I often get a bit dark during these 55 fictions. I kind of just go wherever my inspiration takes me - apparently it likes to take me dark places. Thanks inspiration, well I am glad whenever I see you, but still... could we maybe agree on something more positive the next time? Please? 

I feel sorry about this guy being in a deep state of mourning. I got inspired thinking of a good friend and her tragic lost - and a good book dealing with some of the same thing. 
The loss of someone close is difficult to bear, but treasure your beautiful memories for they are wonderful legacy.        
I will leave you with this I once read. For years these words was close to a picture of my grandfather.


Number 9: The heart that stood out

My comment: This was a difficult one. I started out with something quite simple, and it turned out rather complicated. There is a mixture of many different colors. Warm greys and I used fluorescent colors, which the scanner decided to ignore... thanks for that. I think my favorite part of the painting is the heart - the very same heart I am using in the design of the blog. It really dose stand out of the canvas - and the rest of the painting. This painting has the record of most related blog posts - I have in fact written 5 posts about it. What a journey that painting has been.    

Read more about it here

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 9. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated.


Narrow way to your red wine heart - artpad #4

The final result of the artpad piece. I didn't change a thing about it. I only added the title, which might not be very Christmassy, but it makes sense - red wine vice. I like the final result - messy and all. It has a different look. I love different (mostly) - how else should you evolve as an artist? I wonder what you think about it though.  

I only used two colors, Green Mid and Scarlet Red - or three if you count the Ivory White. That would make sense to do. And of course! I can't forget about the splash of red wine that accidentally landed on the paper. Bad red wine! The next thing I have to incorporate is a new 55 fiction - red wine should almost be mentioned... Challenge accepted! In good old Barney style.


Wining on the artpad

Going straight to business - Yes I was drinking red wine while painting, and yes drops of red wine landed on the painting. Thankfully I was already using the color red, and thankfully wine works just like water - so no harm was done there. It doesn't make it less wired though - and a little sad losing my precious drops of wine. I did at one time think about, how I could combine my two great loves painting and red wine - this could be one way to go. Interesting.

As always I am not sure how I feel about the artpad piece. When I look at it tomorrow I might be able to feel it - whether it's done or it's lacking something. The final result will as always be scanned and showcased on the blog with a title and all. It is the most Christmassy I have done. Like ever. I love the colors - so I might try to paint many more throughout the holiday season. The writing part of it will properly be the hardest in this case. The text almost has to have some sort of holiday spirit over it. If you have any ideas for me, then don't hesitate to write me - in the comments or e-mail! Any ideas will be received gratefully.

I am trying to up my game in the blogging world. I am aiming for 5 posts a week, which for a while has been quite a challenge. The time for my creative world has been little, but I hope I now can put a lot more energy in on what I love to do: write and paint - and combining them. I really miss painting on a actual canvas instead of paper, and I miss writing more than blogposts. In between I have to work and search for a new job - well no one ever said life would be easy. On that note I will end this post. I will bid you goodnight with this song. WARNING singing along is difficult not to do!


Number 8: The Irish Tree

Min kommentar: Troede jeg var i gang med at male en baggrund af malerrester, da jeg pludselig ser et motiv der tiltaler mig. Et træ. Desuden kan jeg godt lide kombinationen af det grønne og det lilla, der er omgivet af den enkle baggrund. Det her maleri er jeg blevet særligt glad for.

My comment: Thought I was painting a background, but then I suddenly saw something. A tree. I like the combination of the green and the purple, and the simple background. I'm very fond of this painting.

Blogpost about the work
 The Irish Tree

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 8. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated.


Finally - something new!

It took me a while, but I finally - finally took a seat on the creative chair. I guess coming back to work and dealing with a cold takes the most of the energy. Most of my afternoons have been spent in bed sleeping, or trying to deal with some practical things I couldn't last week. Tomorrow I am finally (that word again) going to sort out some moving in details with the landlord-ish/janitor person. Not sure what to call him in English. It is also time for my little one - Arthur darling to get into the cat information files (not sure what to call that either. Important stuff though). Speaking of Arthur - he was trying and succeeding to get on my nerves while painting (and eating dinner for that matter), but my angry face most have worked on him. This time there was no painting incidents.

For a long time now I have seen creative people working on Christmas inspired pieces, and I want to join in as the Christmas loving person I am! This artpad work in progress is a result of that. I am blending the colors by using fingerpainting - loong time ago I have used this move. There is something very nice about using my fingers for painting and mixing colors while drinking a glass of red wine. It makes it less childish - which reminds me that I have warned my boyfriend that I might just drink a bottle of red wine on New Year's instead of getting drunk on vodka and what not. I just don't feel like going crazy. Growing up much?! The idea of spending a cozy evening with my parents almost soothed me more. Getting older is a funny thing.  



It should be no secret that I had my final exam last week, and that I in the same week graduated with flowers, diploma and all. It was a really nice day, beside from the whole thing feeling a bit weird - that it was over. Weird in a happy way though. I thought the best way to show it would be with a picture from the day. The "Well almost..." part is because of the few months of internship that I need to complete - starting monday. While doing that I will begin searching for a job, so that will be interesting. 

My short holiday sort of got hijacked by a cold, so I have been relaxing a bit more than I first intended. I am hoping that I will start being creative again, maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I hope to have something so show you soon. I also hope that I soon can drink coffee and red wine again...  

Number 7: Framed Heart Nest

Min kommentar: En simpel baggrund med en stor forstyrrende midte; et hjerte, en ramme, en rede. Lilla, hvidt, gult og grønt. Jeg hverken elsker eller hader det, forsøger stadig at finde meningen i det.    
My comment: A simple background with a loud middle; a heart, a frame, a nest. Purple, white, yellow and green. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I am still trying to figure the painting out.

Blogposts about the painting

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 7. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated. 


Number 6: Neonheart

Min kommentar: Den startede ud med at være meget rodet, men endte med at det hele blev forenet, forelskede mig i neon hjertet og farverne. 

My comment: It started out messy but finally came together as one piece, I fell in love with the neon heart and the colors. 

Blogposts about the painting

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 6. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated. 


She Said - 55 fiction

The last 55 fiction sort of developed into a strange save sex speech Time - 55 fiction. This time is a bit different, still in a serious tone and just plain sad. I chose to make a pure dialogue, just for the hell of it. Started tearing up in the middle of it - not quite sure why, maybe it's because of the glass of red wine I had (and are having - my second glass), or because I really felt her pain. It properly does not help that I am on the verge of having my period. Wow that was a lot of girly nonsense.

Beside from my girl issues I spent the day sorting bills, preparing for my exam and tightening up. If I am up for it I be posting something Wednesday night, Oh my - only 3 days until my exam! Starting to feel some nerves. Most nervous about the practical part - the most difficult part of the exam to prepare for. I made a basic white sauce from scratch today for practice, and I think it went well (It did taste good with plenty of pepper). Though, I am not sure if I did it the right way, Have to ask my teacher tomorrow. Can't wait until the whole exam thing is over.

Please send me some good luck and thoughts - I could really need some right now!


Rocky Road - artpad #3

It was a bit tricky to name this doodle of a painting - as I mentioned earlier this week it could sort of be a flag and a present - the giftwrapping of the present. I came to the conclusion that it more felt like a rocky road - like my life or any life for that matter. Every life can indeed experience some roads being rocky.

So it's Saturday in tiny Denmark, and there is only four days until my exam is over! Can't wait! I totally have to celebrate with a glass (or two) of red wine. Maybe I should really kick start Christmas and make Gløgg! Hope the stores are selling it... I have seen everything else but Gløgg.

My little arthelper Arthur
Arthur has been quite busy in the art helping area. He got very involved this week on my Rocky Road artpad painting. Just look at his greenish paw. He apparently wanted more green on the painting - or himself and the chair cousin. Thanks Arthur, you are such a great help... This is why I paint with acrylic colors!
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