Working with the artpad

Today I decided to paint a new piece in the artpad. I learned that you do have to separate the pages before starting to paint, because else curtain paint will spread to other pages - not a good thing. I realize it is difficult to really see the painting, which is why I will scan it tomorrow, when it is dry enough. It should look better when is has been through the scanner. Love my scanner these days; I actually scanned all of my smaller paintings (eight of them, the last on lost some fluorescent colors so I just took a new picture of it). I will use them in the DV Gallery, both the site and the category. This also means a few older posts will soon be updated with new pictures/scans.

Yesterday on the way home from school I rediscovered a song. It is a song that reminds me of the movie P.S. I love you and the very Irish song The Galway Girl. I love the way Steve Earle sings it. He makes me feel like traveling to Ireland and experience the whole thing for myself. 

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