The pad

Even though I have a low cash flow this month I din't want my art to suffer, so instead of investing in more expensive canvases I bought a pad - with 20 sheets, so that should keep me busy for a while. This way I can actually have more space for my art - because soon I will have to store it in the basement. I calculated that one sheet is worth 6.5 Danish crowns, which is like a little over one dollar, I think. Way cheaper! 
Arthur wanted to do a little modeling, so I let him pose on different pictures with the pad - not sure why he was so into that. He is a beautiful model though - very raw expression, haha or something. Sorry, I am bit tired. Tired makes me ramble, so do wine (had just the one glass) - so tonight I ramble. 
I wanted to begin painting almost right away - had to take a nap first after school - and then do some housework, but then I went on with it. I like the material, very pleasant to paint on. I still use my acrylic painting, which the pad works fine with. 

I do appreciate my brain for working even though I almost feel asleep on the way home (from school)... Working hard og hardly working? For some reason that makes me think of Shrek. Great movie, by the way.   

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