Sunday flashback

I looked at some old files today on my very old extern hard drive from my high school days (almost depressing to think about how many years ago it was - and yes some people would properly like me to shut up about it, because they are way older than me, but still - time goes by crazy fast when you look back, that is a scary scary thing). Well, I found a lot of old images and this was one of them. I made it in 2007, for a different website - don't know if I ever used it, and don't remember which site it was (I have been through many domains - both free ones and costly ones).

I also found a bunch of old q-links - a sort of affiliation thing where you exchange links with other websites, and old (picture) awards - a bunch I gave away and some I received. This was before giveaways. A much simpler time, when receiving an award for this month’s website was a big thing. Today people want material things like gift cards or shoes, a simple award would properly just be disappointing. Kind of sad really, I for one would not mind the return of a “handmade” award.

The image is the pictures I drew of Johannes Karagas, Cecilia and Jenny. I decorated it with some "special effects" from some editing program I don't remember. I kind of love finding old treasures like these, even though looking back can sometimes be a little sad. Though I am happy in most parts of where I am today. I believe it can only get better. After my final exam in early November I am going to work a lot more with Johannes Karagas, because there is no way I am finished with that guy (Not surprising when he has named one of my main categories).

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