Old poetry and forgotten songs

I have a little surprise for you - I have not been that creative this week, so it is a good thing I have some old creative stuff from the past, I can show you instead. There was a time I dabbled a little with poetry and these once are from 2007, when I was a confused little 17-year-old.

I just don’t get it 
So why do I have to? 
There is a different way 
So why not take a chance 
Make it happen 
Don’t wait 
Don’t be sorry 
Do what you want 
Find it in your heart 
And just make it happen

Time walks by 
Passing like it don’t care 
Twirling as only time can do 
Confusing and sad 
Happy and flirting 
Time follows wherever you go 
Wherever you stand 
Feel or move
Time walks by
It never dies

I used to love this song. Still do, just completely forgot about the song and the movie. Like the whole girl/woman-power thing YOU DON'T OWN ME! Well said ladies.

Love, love this song. It's hard not to sing-a-long.

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