Number 1: Trapped in darkness

Min kommentar: Mit allerførste maleri i mange år. Det er også det maleri jeg er allermindst tilfreds med, dog kan jeg godt lide farverne. Formen i maleriet og udførelsen er jeg ikke tilfreds med, men man skal jo starte et sted. Fandt ud af via dette maleri, at jeg godt kan lide at lege med farver.

My comment: This painting just reeks of beginner. This was my very first painting in years, and the one I am least happy about. I learned from this that playing with colors is fun in the pace of my mood. They work hand in hand. My first titled work. 

This is the new series and category Paintings. This gives you an insight in my artwork. I am starting from the beginning - the first one today - and once a week a new post will be published. I have also changed the site DV Gallery, which will be updated every time a new post in Paintings is published. 

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