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The first doodle from the artpad (I have decided to rename the aquarelle pad - much easier to say and write artpad). Finally I had a great way to capture the painting - instead of taking a picture I used my scanner - great invention (when you can use it that is). One of the perks of painting on a pad. There had to be some! You can defiantly expect many more doodles from me. It is a great practice form - and cheaper and save space, as I went on about in a few posts ago. Saving money is never a bad thing, especially when you are lacking them. The site DV Gallery will be updated shortly.

You might remember the last 55 fiction I wrote, which was a bit self-biographical. The thing is a very wonderful soul mailed me my bus pass yesterday. I got almost a full return! I would love to thank this person, but the person decided to stay anonymous. Well, to whoever you are: Thank you so much, I think you just saved my month! I hope karma will treat you nicely for a long time. You deserve it without a doubt. Drinking another glass of red wine for you (and for me, I do have to meet later for school tomorrow).

Thank you for making me smile J
Difficult to find a song about someone thanking another for helping them with finding their bus pass, but I found this one. About someone who smiles again after a while because of another person. 
Close enough?

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