A gift? A flag? Or maybe it's just an artpad doodle...

After a little longer break than I thought, I finally picked up a brush yesterday evening and painted. Well, the result sort of reminds me of a flag - I am not quite sure of how that came to be. I will be scanning it in a couple a days so you can see the full result. I have been trying to get myself into exam mode. It is starting to work, only 8 days to my exam - can't wait until the whole thing is over. What a relief it will be, and then I can look forward to getting my diploma next Friday and I will almost be all done with my education - only lacking a couple a months of internship. After receiving my diploma I can also look forward to a week of vacation - can't wait for that, but I do look a little more forward to getting that diploma.

It was really nice just to paint again, drinking a glass of red and watching a Christmas movie on Netflix. Yes, this is my second Christmas movie this year. Started to listen a bit to Christmas songs last week - because of the movie "The Mistle-Tones" - I especially fell for this song (If you intend to watch this movie then you should wait until after to play this song). I have found it in a million different versions on Spotify. Michael Bublés version is good.

Am I the only one who has gone a bit Christmas crazy - dreaming a bit of Gløgg or mulled wine it perhaps is called in English? A heated red wine you could say with spices... Searching images of it makes me wish Christmas started tomorrow! Oh sweet Christmas.

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