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I just couldn't help myself, when I arrived at my favorite art-material shop - Søstrene Grene/Not sure what they call themselves elsewhere... The Sisters Grene or maybe The Grene Sisters? Oh well, I went a bit crazy and bought a whole lot of things: real yes I said it - okay wrote it - REAL canvases! Them I proudly can put on my easel without they sort of gets lost because of their tininess. Oh yes! Can hardly wait until I can paint on my easel. 

The lovely pictures shows of my dreamy canvases, okay so two of my brushes - I guess photographing the smaller wide one was to difficult, my new wonderful colors: between the more normal colors is two fluorescent ones and a silver and a copper one. The last four ones, I am not sure, what they are called - there were no signs to inform about that - but they looked pretty awesome - and cheap! So I HAD to buy them - no regrets.     

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