The last one

I have finally reached the last one of the smaller thinner canvases - it' almost time for the au revoir (french for goodbye). I am trying out some colors that my mum wants me to use on two very small canvases - the ivory white, the warm grey, the copper and the black. Most of the first two ones and hints of the others. I thought I would "rehearse" on this one. I started out with painting a background of the grey color (reminds me more of a brown color than a "warm" grey - not that I have a clue about what it looks like- I guess this one is the answer) and then I wanted to mix it up with some ivory white. I used the funny roller from the last post (last picture, the yellow wheel-thing - what is it called?) . It was brilliant to use - gave the background kind of a sparkly look - I think I'm in love. Now it has to dry so I hopefully can work with it further tomorrow.

Side note Had to drink vodka juice because I ran out of wine - sadface - I have to restock tomorrow! Painting just doesn't feel right without my red wine.

Other side note Rediscovered an old favorite song - added it promptly to my Spotify playlist.

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  1. I look forward to the next step x

    1. Nice to hear :) Can't wait until l can work further with it today, even though I'm not sure where I am going with it.


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