The heart that stood out

It’s funny how daylight can be tricky. I thought the light wasn’t bright enough, and then the picture says otherwise. I can be really sick and tired of my camera phone, but buying a better camera is not an option right now – either is fancy things like a studio type lamp. Not an option, just ask my wallet, and Arthur who is almost old enough to get fixed. Good thing he does not understand what I am writing. The truth would probably upset most males – felines and other animals including human ones.

Getting back to the last of my thinner and smaller paintings: It’s signed and ready – for whatever the future might bring (more than I am, ahem). I lined all of my 9 paintings together on the wall to kind of get that gallery feeling, I took pictures – not great ones (stupid light and camera phone quality) and I almost felt like a prof. Almost. My first 9 paintings – artworks in ages, I do feel a little proud – in the “I have painted that! And that – I painted them all!”

I have 1 canvas left, it is a bit smaller than “The black one” but the canvas is just as thick and wide. So here I go floor-easel - for the second time! With a blank mind and blank ideas. Awesome beginning… I guess some things do not change, that is kind of nice – a thing I would love to change though is the flea-situation – die fleas! Just die! It is still amazing to me how a flea – a tiny flea can poop so much… they almost poop more than my birds. Things I wish I didn’t know.

To a more flea-free related note I have decided to use a little more time editing some of the pictures, like with the post before “Love, Arthur”. Kind of like embracing the whole collage-thing, but still in a simple way – I don’t want to end up throwing my laptop out the window (or over the balcony – whatever is closets) because a picture is giving me too much crap. In the previous post I painted the paw and took a picture of it – the camera phone doesn’t always suck – and gave it some work in the picture-editing program Paint.net. I used to do similar things years ago, before blogs were a thing and it was all about websites. It seems like a thousand years ago right now.

To end this post – before I start writing a weird novel about my life with fleas, running out of red wine –again and odd things I did as a young teenager – I am soon writing a guest post for another blog – an art-blog, so to me that is kind of a big thing. I will tell you more, when it’s getting published on her blog. Yes, it is a female-art blogger.

I hope you all are well – and for those of you who follow my blog: Thank you so much guys – you make the work all worth if! Thanks for being awesome!

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  1. Your posts do tickle me. They make me laugh so much. Poor old Arthur haha. Great painting. X

    1. Thanks Lea :) I'm glad you get my humor xD


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