The big playlist post - I heart music

It's not a secret that I love music - if you have read just a few of my post, you can't have missed it. Everything I do at home - mostly - has music written all over it (unless the TV is on and it's not on mute). Doing the dishes - you got to have the music cranked up. Painting - inspiration works better with a musical input. Writing - kind of the same thing. Playing with Arthur - there is nothing like singing and playing -I guess - and he doesn't mind. Drinking - especially with friends or alone being creative or watching a goofy chickflick or romcom - wait it might be a bit difficult both to watch a movie and listen to music - I think I got a bit carried away. Going for a walk - it can be a bit lonely to walk alone, so there can music come to the rescue. Running - it's been a while to put it gently, but motivation is the music in this case -  feeling great about the run comes after. The last thing could be in the shower - what's not to like about singing in the shower? The only problem is where to place the music - wet electronics are never a good thing.

Spotify playlist
I made this playlist out of all my starred ones at Spotify to give you an idea of my taste in music and for myself - most of my absolute faves - I listen to this all the time these days. There is 51 songs on the list so far. I'm not sure if this playlist shows them all - write me if there are problems with it.


What do you love to listen to fx
 in the shower or on the run?

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