Not quite there

I didn't get to paint yesterday, I was a little busy with being tired, making two other posts and trying to fit the boyfriend in - and of course Arthur who begged me for a walk outside. He climbed tres, said hello to both two siblings - cute little girls and three young boys and came home happy and a bit tired - after he licked himself clean. People get a bit excited when they see a cat on a leash. Well, back to the painting - as always I try to go with the flow - inspiration - but it can sometimes be hard. Like today, but I painted on another layer of cobber. I am not done, that is all I know for now. I have an idea for next step, but you know - I am not sure the idea will stick. 

     Had to add this picture to the post. The cobber reminds me of something else... who made a copper-poop on my palette? Arthur...? Nope, he is sleeping.

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