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This weekend has been … the only word that pops up is -well. So it has clearly not been a great one. Surely it started out pretty great with drinking with one of my best friends. We had a great drunk blast. Drinking, dancing, stopping by at the local bar, which closed two hours later – that rather sucked, so we went back home, kept dancing for a couple of hours, and then she went home, and I started to vomit – all over the floor – and what was on and near the floor – too drunk to go the bathroom? Clearly! Not a great way of ending a good night.

All of my Saturday was spent in bed, feeling sorry for myself and grossed out about the remaining vomit on the floor I missed – and the smell – horrific! I had to cancel an appointment with another good friend, which just made me feel even worse. I didn’t dare to leave the bed for longer than minutes because the vomit didn’t quite stop at the beginning. Poor me! Fortunately I had my sweet baby Arthur to cuddle with me and make me feel less of a disaster. Sunday I felt more normal and more ready for social interaction. With other words my boyfriend visited me, and it was really nice just to cuddle and semi-sleep. I am so an exciting person!

Monday I woke up feeling happy about finally having some vacation and sending my boyfriend of for school – well he kind of did that himself. I slept in, feeling great and relaxed until I took a look on my little Arthur’s head. Weird black things – like coffee grounds. I started to freak out a little – shit he might got fleas! It is poop!! Flea poop! After googling it – and freaking out, I called my dad for a final check  – I did seem to be right.

After taking a shaking shower and doing the dishes I went out to buy some flea-killing-thing
called Frontline. I really hope them dumb fleas are dead after 24 hours as they claim! I used the rest of the day/start of the night to clean – clean – clean – like a crazy person! Vacuuming everything possible, washing the floors, tables and so on - changing the sheets, gathering new loads of laundry. I am itching just by writing about it. Everywhere! HATE IT!

This is why I first blog today – If I am allowed by my Internet, which is currently not working…Great. Thankfully it's working now. I hope you all have had a better weekend and Monday than me.

I just read on (Frontline's )their website, that it will take months before everything is gone... oh well, well, well.

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