55 fiction - The Rainy Night

I sort of broke my whole not shutting the door thing - I didn't shut the door; I broke it wide open instead. I got hit by inspiration, yesterday and wrote this little thing today. The first beginning of the sentence in my mind was in english - so of course the short short story had to be in english. So there you go - my first 55 fiction in english. Read the last post about the whole 55 fiction, if you are curious about what it is. 

Would love to hear your feedback on this one.   

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  1. Ditte, I love it! I need to get back to writing too and this sort of thing would be a great place to start :)

    1. Thanks Em :D That sounds great - would love to read your take on the whole 55 fiction thing :)


Thank you for your feedback - it is greatly appreciated!

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