55 Fiction - The first one

Yesterday I discovered something pretty awesome: something called a 55 fiction, which is about writing a very short fictional story in exactly 55 words. Other demands are that there has to be one or more characters, can be both human, animals and immoveable objects like a table or a book. The story follows a conflict that in the end gets resolved somehow. The very idea appealed to me, and after trying it I sort of love it. Never has words been put in such a tiny place. It's short like a poem, for instance, but much shorter than a regular short story.

It is a simple way to create a whole piece of writing - especially when I suck at writing poems, yet you have to think very carefully about the content and the words, it all has to come together, and the point has to come across somehow. I have mentioned before that I only write these type of things in danish, because I feel to limited when I write in english, but I won't shut the door that I might someday write something in english - maybe some pieces of 55 fiction, but for now my writing is in danish. I read about it in the danish writing society website Fyldepennen.dk, and they claim that - that sort of writing is quite big in the states, and that there are annual competitions in New York.

My first attempt

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