The agonizing truth - 55 fiction

The truth is that there is no better way of telling the truth then in a 55 fiction. 
So here it is: the truth, one of the reasons why October is going to suck. Being broke-ish simply sucks - there is no better word for it. Can't wait for November - hopefully will that month suck less.

P.S. I just realized that I wrote "af Ditte Villadsen" and not "by Ditte Villadsen". That is just great. At least it shares the same meaning.


That First Online Gallery Feeling

This is what I was talking about in the previous post. I feel weirdly good and excited about this, even though the location of the gallery is both online and WAS on the frame of my bed/sofa. Now I stacked them back on the top shelf in my Billy bookcase. So long DV Gallery.


The heart that stood out

It’s funny how daylight can be tricky. I thought the light wasn’t bright enough, and then the picture says otherwise. I can be really sick and tired of my camera phone, but buying a better camera is not an option right now – either is fancy things like a studio type lamp. Not an option, just ask my wallet, and Arthur who is almost old enough to get fixed. Good thing he does not understand what I am writing. The truth would probably upset most males – felines and other animals including human ones.

Getting back to the last of my thinner and smaller paintings: It’s signed and ready – for whatever the future might bring (more than I am, ahem). I lined all of my 9 paintings together on the wall to kind of get that gallery feeling, I took pictures – not great ones (stupid light and camera phone quality) and I almost felt like a prof. Almost. My first 9 paintings – artworks in ages, I do feel a little proud – in the “I have painted that! And that – I painted them all!”

I have 1 canvas left, it is a bit smaller than “The black one” but the canvas is just as thick and wide. So here I go floor-easel - for the second time! With a blank mind and blank ideas. Awesome beginning… I guess some things do not change, that is kind of nice – a thing I would love to change though is the flea-situation – die fleas! Just die! It is still amazing to me how a flea – a tiny flea can poop so much… they almost poop more than my birds. Things I wish I didn’t know.

To a more flea-free related note I have decided to use a little more time editing some of the pictures, like with the post before “Love, Arthur”. Kind of like embracing the whole collage-thing, but still in a simple way – I don’t want to end up throwing my laptop out the window (or over the balcony – whatever is closets) because a picture is giving me too much crap. In the previous post I painted the paw and took a picture of it – the camera phone doesn’t always suck – and gave it some work in the picture-editing program Paint.net. I used to do similar things years ago, before blogs were a thing and it was all about websites. It seems like a thousand years ago right now.

To end this post – before I start writing a weird novel about my life with fleas, running out of red wine –again and odd things I did as a young teenager – I am soon writing a guest post for another blog – an art-blog, so to me that is kind of a big thing. I will tell you more, when it’s getting published on her blog. Yes, it is a female-art blogger.

I hope you all are well – and for those of you who follow my blog: Thank you so much guys – you make the work all worth if! Thanks for being awesome!

Love, Arthur

A miew adventure. I have been a bit busy with fleas (still am – damn fleas – mother hates them, and I hate how much they itches). Beside from fleas I am A-Okay. But please fleas - just die already!


The final piece



Once again the painting didn't turn out how I expected. Maybe I should just stop expecting things; interestingly I can also use it in my daily life. No expectations, no disappointments. A way of life, a way of art. This vacation is really messing with my head. It's nice just to relax, but I can't help but feel that something is missing. I'm not sure what it could be. Maybe I'm just in one of those funks. Maybe it is because I am soon off to school again, and my final exam is awaiting me after this one. Then maybe I finally have to grow up.

I miss being a teenager right now, then my mood swings would be totally normal and expected. I know that I am a woman, so that aspect could also explain it. I just can't help but feel that everything is going to change after my exam, knowing I only have a few months back at work after the exam, before I have to get out in the world, get a real job and earn real life money - you can sort of built a life with. It's a start. I hope not everything will change, just because of that, but I know things will change.

About my painting: I have not figured out a name for it yet, I will soon take a decent picture of it in daylight where it's signed, then you hopefully can see it more clearly and detailed. With this painting I have used days, mainly for figuring out my next move. It has layers and layers of different colors, and that makes this painting the most complicated and interesting one to this date. It has a depth - literally - that the others don’t have. I hope you can sense it just a little from this night's pictures.


A step further

How I left the painting last time. I am trying to being better at showing the whole process, to hopefully paint a fuller picture of what I do. This time I am adding a bit of Ivory White.   

Close up at the not-brush I am using. 

 The acrylic paint looks funny on the not-brush. So not a brush!

 Nearing the canvas - always a bit nerve wrecking, what if I shrew it up?

 My first thought when I paint a little on a canvas is almost always that I have ruined the whole painting - and then I keep thinking "Fix it, fix it, fix it" and if that doesn't help "Make it work!"

The final result is interesting! But the painting is not done yet. I have a clear idea about the next and final move.

Lovely photos of the clean-up work.

I use acrylic colors from Søstrene Grene - Grene Art. Hope you enjoyed the tour in my "art studio".


I'm Sorry - 55 fiction

I have written a new 55 fiction. It's really catching on in my head. It's in english, not surprising when you read the title. Would love to hear what you think about it, or if you also write this kind of thing.

Flea update: It's not itching that much anymore - but I sort of can feel it again when typing this. I can't wait until Arthur is flea free - and flea poop free! Even though it will take months - stupid flea eggs! Not surprising I have chosen to continue the Frontline Combo treatment for about rest of his life!     

The black one

OOTD - or my chosen painting attire. Yes, I do have something with man shirts - especially red and white ones. It's not wine related! 

Finally I am painting using the big easel.

Acquired things to help the painting process (including brushes and redwine)

Almost freaking out - not like with the whole flea-thing, but rather puzzling about what to do with this canvas. Having an idea? Maybe!

The result later that night.

The final result in daylight and signed. I haven't been able to come up with a good title, so I sort of just call it The Black One.

On a flea note: Still itching, vacuumed up a lot of dead or near dead fleas today. Only a few of them were a bit more alive than I hoped.


Goofy Google Effects

After shaking the last post of me - just a bit - well I am still itching everywhere, so I still hate it, but I am trying to focus on something better and more positive! Think positive - think positive ... stop itching!

Okay, I gathered a few pics that Google altered and made it look interesting.

The second one is actually art related! You will find out more tomorrow (hopefully). Thanks for making me look- ehm - interesting Google - so alive - maybe. The first one is from today before my flea freak-out.
My copper poop is almost golden! Beautifully framed, thanks a lot Google. 

Baked goods in a lovely frame - thanks for that Google.

Like a journal

This weekend has been … the only word that pops up is -well. So it has clearly not been a great one. Surely it started out pretty great with drinking with one of my best friends. We had a great drunk blast. Drinking, dancing, stopping by at the local bar, which closed two hours later – that rather sucked, so we went back home, kept dancing for a couple of hours, and then she went home, and I started to vomit – all over the floor – and what was on and near the floor – too drunk to go the bathroom? Clearly! Not a great way of ending a good night.

All of my Saturday was spent in bed, feeling sorry for myself and grossed out about the remaining vomit on the floor I missed – and the smell – horrific! I had to cancel an appointment with another good friend, which just made me feel even worse. I didn’t dare to leave the bed for longer than minutes because the vomit didn’t quite stop at the beginning. Poor me! Fortunately I had my sweet baby Arthur to cuddle with me and make me feel less of a disaster. Sunday I felt more normal and more ready for social interaction. With other words my boyfriend visited me, and it was really nice just to cuddle and semi-sleep. I am so an exciting person!

Monday I woke up feeling happy about finally having some vacation and sending my boyfriend of for school – well he kind of did that himself. I slept in, feeling great and relaxed until I took a look on my little Arthur’s head. Weird black things – like coffee grounds. I started to freak out a little – shit he might got fleas! It is poop!! Flea poop! After googling it – and freaking out, I called my dad for a final check  – I did seem to be right.

After taking a shaking shower and doing the dishes I went out to buy some flea-killing-thing
called Frontline. I really hope them dumb fleas are dead after 24 hours as they claim! I used the rest of the day/start of the night to clean – clean – clean – like a crazy person! Vacuuming everything possible, washing the floors, tables and so on - changing the sheets, gathering new loads of laundry. I am itching just by writing about it. Everywhere! HATE IT!

This is why I first blog today – If I am allowed by my Internet, which is currently not working…Great. Thankfully it's working now. I hope you all have had a better weekend and Monday than me.

I just read on (Frontline's )their website, that it will take months before everything is gone... oh well, well, well.


Not quite there

I didn't get to paint yesterday, I was a little busy with being tired, making two other posts and trying to fit the boyfriend in - and of course Arthur who begged me for a walk outside. He climbed tres, said hello to both two siblings - cute little girls and three young boys and came home happy and a bit tired - after he licked himself clean. People get a bit excited when they see a cat on a leash. Well, back to the painting - as always I try to go with the flow - inspiration - but it can sometimes be hard. Like today, but I painted on another layer of cobber. I am not done, that is all I know for now. I have an idea for next step, but you know - I am not sure the idea will stick. 

     Had to add this picture to the post. The cobber reminds me of something else... who made a copper-poop on my palette? Arthur...? Nope, he is sleeping.


55 fiction - The Rainy Night

I sort of broke my whole not shutting the door thing - I didn't shut the door; I broke it wide open instead. I got hit by inspiration, yesterday and wrote this little thing today. The first beginning of the sentence in my mind was in english - so of course the short short story had to be in english. So there you go - my first 55 fiction in english. Read the last post about the whole 55 fiction, if you are curious about what it is. 

Would love to hear your feedback on this one.   

The big playlist post - I heart music

It's not a secret that I love music - if you have read just a few of my post, you can't have missed it. Everything I do at home - mostly - has music written all over it (unless the TV is on and it's not on mute). Doing the dishes - you got to have the music cranked up. Painting - inspiration works better with a musical input. Writing - kind of the same thing. Playing with Arthur - there is nothing like singing and playing -I guess - and he doesn't mind. Drinking - especially with friends or alone being creative or watching a goofy chickflick or romcom - wait it might be a bit difficult both to watch a movie and listen to music - I think I got a bit carried away. Going for a walk - it can be a bit lonely to walk alone, so there can music come to the rescue. Running - it's been a while to put it gently, but motivation is the music in this case -  feeling great about the run comes after. The last thing could be in the shower - what's not to like about singing in the shower? The only problem is where to place the music - wet electronics are never a good thing.

Spotify playlist
I made this playlist out of all my starred ones at Spotify to give you an idea of my taste in music and for myself - most of my absolute faves - I listen to this all the time these days. There is 51 songs on the list so far. I'm not sure if this playlist shows them all - write me if there are problems with it.


What do you love to listen to fx
 in the shower or on the run?


The last one

I have finally reached the last one of the smaller thinner canvases - it' almost time for the au revoir (french for goodbye). I am trying out some colors that my mum wants me to use on two very small canvases - the ivory white, the warm grey, the copper and the black. Most of the first two ones and hints of the others. I thought I would "rehearse" on this one. I started out with painting a background of the grey color (reminds me more of a brown color than a "warm" grey - not that I have a clue about what it looks like- I guess this one is the answer) and then I wanted to mix it up with some ivory white. I used the funny roller from the last post (last picture, the yellow wheel-thing - what is it called?) . It was brilliant to use - gave the background kind of a sparkly look - I think I'm in love. Now it has to dry so I hopefully can work with it further tomorrow.

Side note Had to drink vodka juice because I ran out of wine - sadface - I have to restock tomorrow! Painting just doesn't feel right without my red wine.

Other side note Rediscovered an old favorite song - added it promptly to my Spotify playlist.

This is shopping

I just couldn't help myself, when I arrived at my favorite art-material shop - Søstrene Grene/Not sure what they call themselves elsewhere... The Sisters Grene or maybe The Grene Sisters? Oh well, I went a bit crazy and bought a whole lot of things: real yes I said it - okay wrote it - REAL canvases! Them I proudly can put on my easel without they sort of gets lost because of their tininess. Oh yes! Can hardly wait until I can paint on my easel. 

The lovely pictures shows of my dreamy canvases, okay so two of my brushes - I guess photographing the smaller wide one was to difficult, my new wonderful colors: between the more normal colors is two fluorescent ones and a silver and a copper one. The last four ones, I am not sure, what they are called - there were no signs to inform about that - but they looked pretty awesome - and cheap! So I HAD to buy them - no regrets.     


55 Fiction - The first one

Yesterday I discovered something pretty awesome: something called a 55 fiction, which is about writing a very short fictional story in exactly 55 words. Other demands are that there has to be one or more characters, can be both human, animals and immoveable objects like a table or a book. The story follows a conflict that in the end gets resolved somehow. The very idea appealed to me, and after trying it I sort of love it. Never has words been put in such a tiny place. It's short like a poem, for instance, but much shorter than a regular short story.

It is a simple way to create a whole piece of writing - especially when I suck at writing poems, yet you have to think very carefully about the content and the words, it all has to come together, and the point has to come across somehow. I have mentioned before that I only write these type of things in danish, because I feel to limited when I write in english, but I won't shut the door that I might someday write something in english - maybe some pieces of 55 fiction, but for now my writing is in danish. I read about it in the danish writing society website Fyldepennen.dk, and they claim that - that sort of writing is quite big in the states, and that there are annual competitions in New York.

My first attempt


Sleeping is for profs - Arthur News Weekly #4

... What the?
...Oh well, at least mum didn't use blitz... zZz
I wanna be like mum! This is my google cool effects-thing!

Thanks for reading, love Arthur-miaw <3
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