The Arthur News Weekly nr. 2

Slipper lige mors fødder et øjeblik for at at lave dette indlæg. Velkommen tilbage, miav, rart at se dig igen - altså på trods af, at jeg ikke kan se dig.
//Letting go of mums feet for a moment to write this post. Welcome back, miaw, nice to see you again - sort of.

The remote and daddys feet makes everything better.

Not so much when mum disturbs by taking my picture. 

- Mum why are you ruining my nap?

Hm... I am doing something. Maybe looking at something on the floor? Maybe some smelly socks or one of my toys...

Last saturday I had to vist the vet. My mum had to carry me in this bag-thing. 

I had to smell it... and bite it! Was it even safe? 

Well, I guess I could lay down in it...

If you can nap in it - it's fine by me!

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