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On the blog that is - not on a fancy hotel or a fabulous restaurant - that is a bit far from reality these days (kind of all my days, neither has ever been my reality - well - before I start sobbing in my wine, I will move on to my point of this post). I have been thinking, and I must admit that is has been a pain to translate every post, so to ease my burden - I know it sounds very dreary, but I have decided to write most of my posts in english. I don't write especially advanced english, so I think most people (also danish ones who don't read english so well) can read og understand them - if not then make sure to let me know.

I have made the few changes - very small, you might not even notice them. The biggest one is regarding my content. The plan is to post a lot more about my paintings, because I love painting and this is a great excuse to do it more, and I have noticed that you especially like these posts - talk about a win-win situation. The other challenge is that I have to write more - on my novel that is. I have read about that it works for some people to take an hour a day out of the calender to write. This is a very appealing idea for me, because I need to push myself to get moving somehow, and I don't have kids so the freaking time is now! No excuse!

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