How I pictured them

Her er flere billeder af Johannes Karagas og de andre i The Sims 2 form.
//More pictures of Johannes Karagas and the others in the style of The Sims 2.

The not so girly girl Jenny - what are you hiding under the cap?

The red and beautiful, not so insightful yet sensitive Cecilia

The incredible stupid smartass... Christian

The very blond, very pretty, kind of annoying yet sweet Katarina

The nerdy, yet cute and excellent at climbing and school activities Mikkel 

The man - sort of - Johannes, attractive for most school girls, sort of strange on the inside (just ask Jenny)

"But I love her..."

"Well stop pillowfighting the smartass and tell her"

"I'm just kidding.... no I'm not! Tell her before you drive us all crazy!"

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