10 things that makes life a little better

1. Baking (I maybe only know how to bake wholegrain buns - but they are that good).
2. The smell of freshed brewed coffee. I don't work with out my daily amount of coffee.
3. Waking up with a purring kitty on my side.
4. Eating out with someone I love (the joy of not having to do the dishes).
5. Having a cocktail with good friends (espically mojito not to sugary though, but every kind of cocktail works).
6. Listening to music and singing along (depending on mood it can be everything from Celine Dion to The Game).
7. Reading a book that makes me keep turning the page while thinking: what now... noo... yeees... shit (and so on).
8. The feeling I get after being done with boring housechoirs like the dishes.
9. Relaxing with a glass of wine.
10. Going to the movies with my boyfriend while we hold hands.

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