Holiday snooze

It is no lie, that it has been a while
A holiday snooze you could call it or loose
 Sense it is not making, sorry about the break-in
Ehm... let's just drop it while it's hot, because a poet I am not

Back to where things make sense. Yes, I have been away for longer than I like to admit. There is nothing like Christmas to soak up any energy you might have. I have not been blogging, but I have been creative. Mainly painting. I am finally almost done with the paintings I promised my mum many moons ago. She wanted something for her bathroom with either some kind of angel or bird. I came up with this so far. It just need some tweaking.     

For Christmas I got this piece of furniture. I have been wanting this one for about a decade, so I think my rights of showing off is earned in this case. It still stands and I still like it. Thank you mum and dad!

Getting back to why I even have this blog... I am working on two paintings at the moment. I have ideas - especially for the last one, not to sure about the first one. I might use it for the same purpose. I could do that... I really have to think about it more. In case you were wondering about the first painting, it is an earlier picture of the middle one.


Jingle Bell Rock

Okay so this might not work, but I am going to try it anyway. Both this weekend and week has been busy, so I have not been able to touch a brush or paint for some time. It did kind of make me crazy, but after some glasses of wine and a great movie I have calmed down.

Ahem... after checking; the embed code does work. This little song is maybe not surprisingly sung by me and some dude I don't now on an app called Sing! It can't be more Christmassy then that! So there you go - yet again: Merry Christmas!

I hope I have something new to share with you soon again.


The dress - 55 fiction

I can now present to you a brand new 55 fiction. This time it's not sad or depressing - no this time it's just plain disturbing. The sad thing is that I couldn't write anything else. Cry me a river, right?! Even worse is that this one is very much indeed based on something I most recent experienced. I try to leave it be but no my inspiration makes me write it. Thanks a lot. Thinking about it still creep me out, but I am sure that a very good explanation is at hand - just not mine. I will try to let it go now and not get totally lost in creepy land. 

Well, now to a more joyous occasion. 
Tonight I will recommend you to have a listen to this Christmas song:


Number 10: The Black One

My comment: This is my first time painting on a big ass canvas; measuring 40 x 50 cm. I started out with as I recall no idea at all - and then it turned out to be a very simple type of painting; all black and white. In real life it is a bit darker, less white. It didn't take me that long to create, but the next one I am going to craze out on colors and of course my beloved fingerpainting - with lots of feelings! The thing I remember best about this artwork was my mum’s comment: where you in a black mood? My answer was just not really. I guess it was what my inspiration gave me at the time.

Blogpost about the work
 The Black One

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 10. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated.


A splash of what may be - artpad #5

This is the result of hardcore fingerpainting - the more soft kind with touches of the killing kind - with my hands. Almost as good as using a punching bag. This is what I am talking about! Feelings on a piece of paper. You can't call it particularly Christmassy, but I did add a bit of cobber to it, which makes it a bit sparkly. After this one I really need to get back to a proper canvas - a canvas that can take some punches!

I used a lot of different colors even though it can be difficult to tell. I am going to try to list them all below. I still use the acrylic colors from The Grene Sisters (Søstrene Grene).

Yellow Pale 
Red Scarlet 
Green Mid 
Blue Cerulean (Hue) 
White Ivory 

I can't really explain the title. It sort of just came to me. It sounded right in my ears, but I guess the actual meaning of it is up to you.

A bit of Christmas today


"On the pad again..."

One word: Messy. Two words: Messy feelings. If I can't paint with my feelings there is no point of painting at all. I began painting because it was a way for me to get my feelings out without having to use words. The pad is not so great dealing with that, because the thin paper can only take so much. I HAVE to purchase new canvases. Mental note. You should be able to view the final result tomorrow.

For a short second I thought about doing a calendar-thing - a countdown to Christmas, but the lack of time killed that thought quickly. I don't think you should be cheated out of Christmas vibes on the blog, so for every post I will try to add a Christmassy touch.

Tonight I give you a sad Christmas song - 
I have always loved this version of the song. 
Merry Christmas


Empty glass - 55 fiction

I made it happen! One 55 fiction that include the word wine and Christmas. Sure - it's pretty dark, I agree, but for some reason I often get a bit dark during these 55 fictions. I kind of just go wherever my inspiration takes me - apparently it likes to take me dark places. Thanks inspiration, well I am glad whenever I see you, but still... could we maybe agree on something more positive the next time? Please? 

I feel sorry about this guy being in a deep state of mourning. I got inspired thinking of a good friend and her tragic lost - and a good book dealing with some of the same thing. 
The loss of someone close is difficult to bear, but treasure your beautiful memories for they are wonderful legacy.        
I will leave you with this I once read. For years these words was close to a picture of my grandfather.


Number 9: The heart that stood out

My comment: This was a difficult one. I started out with something quite simple, and it turned out rather complicated. There is a mixture of many different colors. Warm greys and I used fluorescent colors, which the scanner decided to ignore... thanks for that. I think my favorite part of the painting is the heart - the very same heart I am using in the design of the blog. It really dose stand out of the canvas - and the rest of the painting. This painting has the record of most related blog posts - I have in fact written 5 posts about it. What a journey that painting has been.    

Read more about it here

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 9. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated.


Narrow way to your red wine heart - artpad #4

The final result of the artpad piece. I didn't change a thing about it. I only added the title, which might not be very Christmassy, but it makes sense - red wine vice. I like the final result - messy and all. It has a different look. I love different (mostly) - how else should you evolve as an artist? I wonder what you think about it though.  

I only used two colors, Green Mid and Scarlet Red - or three if you count the Ivory White. That would make sense to do. And of course! I can't forget about the splash of red wine that accidentally landed on the paper. Bad red wine! The next thing I have to incorporate is a new 55 fiction - red wine should almost be mentioned... Challenge accepted! In good old Barney style.


Wining on the artpad

Going straight to business - Yes I was drinking red wine while painting, and yes drops of red wine landed on the painting. Thankfully I was already using the color red, and thankfully wine works just like water - so no harm was done there. It doesn't make it less wired though - and a little sad losing my precious drops of wine. I did at one time think about, how I could combine my two great loves painting and red wine - this could be one way to go. Interesting.

As always I am not sure how I feel about the artpad piece. When I look at it tomorrow I might be able to feel it - whether it's done or it's lacking something. The final result will as always be scanned and showcased on the blog with a title and all. It is the most Christmassy I have done. Like ever. I love the colors - so I might try to paint many more throughout the holiday season. The writing part of it will properly be the hardest in this case. The text almost has to have some sort of holiday spirit over it. If you have any ideas for me, then don't hesitate to write me - in the comments or e-mail! Any ideas will be received gratefully.

I am trying to up my game in the blogging world. I am aiming for 5 posts a week, which for a while has been quite a challenge. The time for my creative world has been little, but I hope I now can put a lot more energy in on what I love to do: write and paint - and combining them. I really miss painting on a actual canvas instead of paper, and I miss writing more than blogposts. In between I have to work and search for a new job - well no one ever said life would be easy. On that note I will end this post. I will bid you goodnight with this song. WARNING singing along is difficult not to do!


Number 8: The Irish Tree

Min kommentar: Troede jeg var i gang med at male en baggrund af malerrester, da jeg pludselig ser et motiv der tiltaler mig. Et træ. Desuden kan jeg godt lide kombinationen af det grønne og det lilla, der er omgivet af den enkle baggrund. Det her maleri er jeg blevet særligt glad for.

My comment: Thought I was painting a background, but then I suddenly saw something. A tree. I like the combination of the green and the purple, and the simple background. I'm very fond of this painting.

Blogpost about the work
 The Irish Tree

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 8. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated.


Finally - something new!

It took me a while, but I finally - finally took a seat on the creative chair. I guess coming back to work and dealing with a cold takes the most of the energy. Most of my afternoons have been spent in bed sleeping, or trying to deal with some practical things I couldn't last week. Tomorrow I am finally (that word again) going to sort out some moving in details with the landlord-ish/janitor person. Not sure what to call him in English. It is also time for my little one - Arthur darling to get into the cat information files (not sure what to call that either. Important stuff though). Speaking of Arthur - he was trying and succeeding to get on my nerves while painting (and eating dinner for that matter), but my angry face most have worked on him. This time there was no painting incidents.

For a long time now I have seen creative people working on Christmas inspired pieces, and I want to join in as the Christmas loving person I am! This artpad work in progress is a result of that. I am blending the colors by using fingerpainting - loong time ago I have used this move. There is something very nice about using my fingers for painting and mixing colors while drinking a glass of red wine. It makes it less childish - which reminds me that I have warned my boyfriend that I might just drink a bottle of red wine on New Year's instead of getting drunk on vodka and what not. I just don't feel like going crazy. Growing up much?! The idea of spending a cozy evening with my parents almost soothed me more. Getting older is a funny thing.  



It should be no secret that I had my final exam last week, and that I in the same week graduated with flowers, diploma and all. It was a really nice day, beside from the whole thing feeling a bit weird - that it was over. Weird in a happy way though. I thought the best way to show it would be with a picture from the day. The "Well almost..." part is because of the few months of internship that I need to complete - starting monday. While doing that I will begin searching for a job, so that will be interesting. 

My short holiday sort of got hijacked by a cold, so I have been relaxing a bit more than I first intended. I am hoping that I will start being creative again, maybe later tonight or tomorrow. I hope to have something so show you soon. I also hope that I soon can drink coffee and red wine again...  

Number 7: Framed Heart Nest

Min kommentar: En simpel baggrund med en stor forstyrrende midte; et hjerte, en ramme, en rede. Lilla, hvidt, gult og grønt. Jeg hverken elsker eller hader det, forsøger stadig at finde meningen i det.    
My comment: A simple background with a loud middle; a heart, a frame, a nest. Purple, white, yellow and green. I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I am still trying to figure the painting out.

Blogposts about the painting

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 7. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated. 


Number 6: Neonheart

Min kommentar: Den startede ud med at være meget rodet, men endte med at det hele blev forenet, forelskede mig i neon hjertet og farverne. 

My comment: It started out messy but finally came together as one piece, I fell in love with the neon heart and the colors. 

Blogposts about the painting

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 6. painting. The DV Gallery site has also been updated. 


She Said - 55 fiction

The last 55 fiction sort of developed into a strange save sex speech Time - 55 fiction. This time is a bit different, still in a serious tone and just plain sad. I chose to make a pure dialogue, just for the hell of it. Started tearing up in the middle of it - not quite sure why, maybe it's because of the glass of red wine I had (and are having - my second glass), or because I really felt her pain. It properly does not help that I am on the verge of having my period. Wow that was a lot of girly nonsense.

Beside from my girl issues I spent the day sorting bills, preparing for my exam and tightening up. If I am up for it I be posting something Wednesday night, Oh my - only 3 days until my exam! Starting to feel some nerves. Most nervous about the practical part - the most difficult part of the exam to prepare for. I made a basic white sauce from scratch today for practice, and I think it went well (It did taste good with plenty of pepper). Though, I am not sure if I did it the right way, Have to ask my teacher tomorrow. Can't wait until the whole exam thing is over.

Please send me some good luck and thoughts - I could really need some right now!


Rocky Road - artpad #3

It was a bit tricky to name this doodle of a painting - as I mentioned earlier this week it could sort of be a flag and a present - the giftwrapping of the present. I came to the conclusion that it more felt like a rocky road - like my life or any life for that matter. Every life can indeed experience some roads being rocky.

So it's Saturday in tiny Denmark, and there is only four days until my exam is over! Can't wait! I totally have to celebrate with a glass (or two) of red wine. Maybe I should really kick start Christmas and make Gløgg! Hope the stores are selling it... I have seen everything else but Gløgg.

My little arthelper Arthur
Arthur has been quite busy in the art helping area. He got very involved this week on my Rocky Road artpad painting. Just look at his greenish paw. He apparently wanted more green on the painting - or himself and the chair cousin. Thanks Arthur, you are such a great help... This is why I paint with acrylic colors!


Number 5: Untitled

Min kommentar: Mere enkelt, rodet. Jeg brugte alle farver, som jeg havde tilgængelige. Ikke helt vild med udtrykket, selv om det har været præget af mange følelser. Føler ikke helt det er mit "rigtige" kunstneriske udtryk. Ikke at jeg har fundet det endnu. 

My comment: It is simpler and messy. I used all of the colors available to me. Not crazy about the expression, though many feelings has gone through the making of it. I don't really feel that this is me, artistically. Not that I have found that yet, I suspect it takes years to find myself as an artist, I just have to enjoy and endure the journey.

Post about the work

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 5. painting. The DV Gallery site will be updated shortly. 


A gift? A flag? Or maybe it's just an artpad doodle...

After a little longer break than I thought, I finally picked up a brush yesterday evening and painted. Well, the result sort of reminds me of a flag - I am not quite sure of how that came to be. I will be scanning it in a couple a days so you can see the full result. I have been trying to get myself into exam mode. It is starting to work, only 8 days to my exam - can't wait until the whole thing is over. What a relief it will be, and then I can look forward to getting my diploma next Friday and I will almost be all done with my education - only lacking a couple a months of internship. After receiving my diploma I can also look forward to a week of vacation - can't wait for that, but I do look a little more forward to getting that diploma.

It was really nice just to paint again, drinking a glass of red and watching a Christmas movie on Netflix. Yes, this is my second Christmas movie this year. Started to listen a bit to Christmas songs last week - because of the movie "The Mistle-Tones" - I especially fell for this song (If you intend to watch this movie then you should wait until after to play this song). I have found it in a million different versions on Spotify. Michael Bublés version is good.

Am I the only one who has gone a bit Christmas crazy - dreaming a bit of Gløgg or mulled wine it perhaps is called in English? A heated red wine you could say with spices... Searching images of it makes me wish Christmas started tomorrow! Oh sweet Christmas.


Number 4: Untitled

Min kommentar: Her har jeg gjort brug af samme motiv og eksperimenteret med noget fingermaling og brugt andre farver end før. Det giver et andet og mere rodet udtryk.

My comment: Same use of shape and experimenting with fingerpainting and different colors. It gives it a messy and different look. At first I didn't quite like it, but I think I have grown to feel otherwise. It reminds me of good things and I like the technique - how the colors float into each other.  

This is the DV Gallery series, where I give you an insight in my paintings. This time it's about my 4. painting. The DV Gallery site will be updated shortly. 


Time - 55 fiction

This weeks 55 fiction is quite serious. Thankfully I am not in that situation - at the moment (can't predict the future), but I can clearly relate to the feelings our main character is going through. It makes me feel sad, but thankfully the boyfriend handles it well. I could imagine many guys out there almost pissing in their pants just by the near thought of something like that could happen to them. Good thing condoms are invented. Okay, so this post was not supposed to sound like a save sex commercial, but I do endorse it - save sex that is not commercials. 

Moving on - I would no doubt take the same choice as she did, if I landed in the same situation. What would you do? 

By the way I realize that not only guys would wet them self being in this situation, I do believe that a lot of women would at least lean into the idea of pissing in their pants, even though we might puke instead - way more ladylike. Breath mints anyone?

In case you missed what the whole 55 fiction is - then check out this link to a previous post:


Number 3: Untitled

Min kommentar: Det her værk er mere lyst end det forrige. Der er mere håb og glæde, hvilket både motiv og farver siger noget om. 

My comment: This painting is brighter, because of the shape and use of colors. There is more hope and joy. It sort of reminds me of a beating heart. 

This is the series and category Paintings. It should give you an insight in my artwork. This week is about my third painting. The site DV Gallery has been updated. The first two posts in the series has also been edited with bigger and better pictures. 


Colors of the heart - artpad #2

As promised I here present to you my newest artpad work. Scanned and so on. I used a silver color, which shines a bit more than I would like through the scanner. Some things I guess you just have to live with. I used the acryl colors scarlet red, yellow, purple, white and silver. I wanted to make something a bit different than I have done before. First I began to paint squares, but I had to stop that rather quickly because it killed off my creativity. After that I just went on painting whatever I felt coming through the brush. Nothing beats the feeling of just letting go and watch the whole piece come together.


Working with the artpad

Today I decided to paint a new piece in the artpad. I learned that you do have to separate the pages before starting to paint, because else curtain paint will spread to other pages - not a good thing. I realize it is difficult to really see the painting, which is why I will scan it tomorrow, when it is dry enough. It should look better when is has been through the scanner. Love my scanner these days; I actually scanned all of my smaller paintings (eight of them, the last on lost some fluorescent colors so I just took a new picture of it). I will use them in the DV Gallery, both the site and the category. This also means a few older posts will soon be updated with new pictures/scans.

Yesterday on the way home from school I rediscovered a song. It is a song that reminds me of the movie P.S. I love you and the very Irish song The Galway Girl. I love the way Steve Earle sings it. He makes me feel like traveling to Ireland and experience the whole thing for myself. 


Market trouble - 55 fiction

Today I wrote a new 55 fiction. This time it takes place in a market. Da-da-da. Talk about change of scenery. I did it a bit differently this time, thought it would be interesting to use my latest doodle as a background. It might not have much to do with land, literary, but it is about two people on earth - on the land, so if you twist it a little it fits right in.

This one might require a bit more thinking, because I had to choose my words carefully, and I am not sure whether my point and meaning of the story came across - therefor I would love to read your interpretation of it.         


Artpad -The land from above

The first doodle from the artpad (I have decided to rename the aquarelle pad - much easier to say and write artpad). Finally I had a great way to capture the painting - instead of taking a picture I used my scanner - great invention (when you can use it that is). One of the perks of painting on a pad. There had to be some! You can defiantly expect many more doodles from me. It is a great practice form - and cheaper and save space, as I went on about in a few posts ago. Saving money is never a bad thing, especially when you are lacking them. The site DV Gallery will be updated shortly.

You might remember the last 55 fiction I wrote, which was a bit self-biographical. The thing is a very wonderful soul mailed me my bus pass yesterday. I got almost a full return! I would love to thank this person, but the person decided to stay anonymous. Well, to whoever you are: Thank you so much, I think you just saved my month! I hope karma will treat you nicely for a long time. You deserve it without a doubt. Drinking another glass of red wine for you (and for me, I do have to meet later for school tomorrow).

Thank you for making me smile J
Difficult to find a song about someone thanking another for helping them with finding their bus pass, but I found this one. About someone who smiles again after a while because of another person. 
Close enough?


Number 2: Untitled

Min kommentar: Det her værk er meget eksplosivt i sit udtryk. Der var mange følelser i hvert enkelt penselstrøg. Nok mit mest intense maleri. Billedet kan desværre ikke vise den dybde der er i maleriet.

My comment: This painting is very explosive in its expression. It displays many emotions. It is my most intense painting. Unfortunately the picture itself can't show its true depth.

This is the new series and category Paintings. It should give you an insight in my artwork. This week is about my second painting. The site DV Gallery has been updated. 


The pad

Even though I have a low cash flow this month I din't want my art to suffer, so instead of investing in more expensive canvases I bought a pad - with 20 sheets, so that should keep me busy for a while. This way I can actually have more space for my art - because soon I will have to store it in the basement. I calculated that one sheet is worth 6.5 Danish crowns, which is like a little over one dollar, I think. Way cheaper! 
Arthur wanted to do a little modeling, so I let him pose on different pictures with the pad - not sure why he was so into that. He is a beautiful model though - very raw expression, haha or something. Sorry, I am bit tired. Tired makes me ramble, so do wine (had just the one glass) - so tonight I ramble. 
I wanted to begin painting almost right away - had to take a nap first after school - and then do some housework, but then I went on with it. I like the material, very pleasant to paint on. I still use my acrylic painting, which the pad works fine with. 

I do appreciate my brain for working even though I almost feel asleep on the way home (from school)... Working hard og hardly working? For some reason that makes me think of Shrek. Great movie, by the way.   


Old poetry and forgotten songs

I have a little surprise for you - I have not been that creative this week, so it is a good thing I have some old creative stuff from the past, I can show you instead. There was a time I dabbled a little with poetry and these once are from 2007, when I was a confused little 17-year-old.

I just don’t get it 
So why do I have to? 
There is a different way 
So why not take a chance 
Make it happen 
Don’t wait 
Don’t be sorry 
Do what you want 
Find it in your heart 
And just make it happen

Time walks by 
Passing like it don’t care 
Twirling as only time can do 
Confusing and sad 
Happy and flirting 
Time follows wherever you go 
Wherever you stand 
Feel or move
Time walks by
It never dies

I used to love this song. Still do, just completely forgot about the song and the movie. Like the whole girl/woman-power thing YOU DON'T OWN ME! Well said ladies.

Love, love this song. It's hard not to sing-a-long.

Sunday flashback

I looked at some old files today on my very old extern hard drive from my high school days (almost depressing to think about how many years ago it was - and yes some people would properly like me to shut up about it, because they are way older than me, but still - time goes by crazy fast when you look back, that is a scary scary thing). Well, I found a lot of old images and this was one of them. I made it in 2007, for a different website - don't know if I ever used it, and don't remember which site it was (I have been through many domains - both free ones and costly ones).

I also found a bunch of old q-links - a sort of affiliation thing where you exchange links with other websites, and old (picture) awards - a bunch I gave away and some I received. This was before giveaways. A much simpler time, when receiving an award for this month’s website was a big thing. Today people want material things like gift cards or shoes, a simple award would properly just be disappointing. Kind of sad really, I for one would not mind the return of a “handmade” award.

The image is the pictures I drew of Johannes Karagas, Cecilia and Jenny. I decorated it with some "special effects" from some editing program I don't remember. I kind of love finding old treasures like these, even though looking back can sometimes be a little sad. Though I am happy in most parts of where I am today. I believe it can only get better. After my final exam in early November I am going to work a lot more with Johannes Karagas, because there is no way I am finished with that guy (Not surprising when he has named one of my main categories).


Number 1: Trapped in darkness

Min kommentar: Mit allerførste maleri i mange år. Det er også det maleri jeg er allermindst tilfreds med, dog kan jeg godt lide farverne. Formen i maleriet og udførelsen er jeg ikke tilfreds med, men man skal jo starte et sted. Fandt ud af via dette maleri, at jeg godt kan lide at lege med farver.

My comment: This painting just reeks of beginner. This was my very first painting in years, and the one I am least happy about. I learned from this that playing with colors is fun in the pace of my mood. They work hand in hand. My first titled work. 

This is the new series and category Paintings. This gives you an insight in my artwork. I am starting from the beginning - the first one today - and once a week a new post will be published. I have also changed the site DV Gallery, which will be updated every time a new post in Paintings is published. 


The agonizing truth - 55 fiction

The truth is that there is no better way of telling the truth then in a 55 fiction. 
So here it is: the truth, one of the reasons why October is going to suck. Being broke-ish simply sucks - there is no better word for it. Can't wait for November - hopefully will that month suck less.

P.S. I just realized that I wrote "af Ditte Villadsen" and not "by Ditte Villadsen". That is just great. At least it shares the same meaning.


That First Online Gallery Feeling

This is what I was talking about in the previous post. I feel weirdly good and excited about this, even though the location of the gallery is both online and WAS on the frame of my bed/sofa. Now I stacked them back on the top shelf in my Billy bookcase. So long DV Gallery.


The heart that stood out

It’s funny how daylight can be tricky. I thought the light wasn’t bright enough, and then the picture says otherwise. I can be really sick and tired of my camera phone, but buying a better camera is not an option right now – either is fancy things like a studio type lamp. Not an option, just ask my wallet, and Arthur who is almost old enough to get fixed. Good thing he does not understand what I am writing. The truth would probably upset most males – felines and other animals including human ones.

Getting back to the last of my thinner and smaller paintings: It’s signed and ready – for whatever the future might bring (more than I am, ahem). I lined all of my 9 paintings together on the wall to kind of get that gallery feeling, I took pictures – not great ones (stupid light and camera phone quality) and I almost felt like a prof. Almost. My first 9 paintings – artworks in ages, I do feel a little proud – in the “I have painted that! And that – I painted them all!”

I have 1 canvas left, it is a bit smaller than “The black one” but the canvas is just as thick and wide. So here I go floor-easel - for the second time! With a blank mind and blank ideas. Awesome beginning… I guess some things do not change, that is kind of nice – a thing I would love to change though is the flea-situation – die fleas! Just die! It is still amazing to me how a flea – a tiny flea can poop so much… they almost poop more than my birds. Things I wish I didn’t know.

To a more flea-free related note I have decided to use a little more time editing some of the pictures, like with the post before “Love, Arthur”. Kind of like embracing the whole collage-thing, but still in a simple way – I don’t want to end up throwing my laptop out the window (or over the balcony – whatever is closets) because a picture is giving me too much crap. In the previous post I painted the paw and took a picture of it – the camera phone doesn’t always suck – and gave it some work in the picture-editing program Paint.net. I used to do similar things years ago, before blogs were a thing and it was all about websites. It seems like a thousand years ago right now.

To end this post – before I start writing a weird novel about my life with fleas, running out of red wine –again and odd things I did as a young teenager – I am soon writing a guest post for another blog – an art-blog, so to me that is kind of a big thing. I will tell you more, when it’s getting published on her blog. Yes, it is a female-art blogger.

I hope you all are well – and for those of you who follow my blog: Thank you so much guys – you make the work all worth if! Thanks for being awesome!

Love, Arthur

A miew adventure. I have been a bit busy with fleas (still am – damn fleas – mother hates them, and I hate how much they itches). Beside from fleas I am A-Okay. But please fleas - just die already!


The final piece



Once again the painting didn't turn out how I expected. Maybe I should just stop expecting things; interestingly I can also use it in my daily life. No expectations, no disappointments. A way of life, a way of art. This vacation is really messing with my head. It's nice just to relax, but I can't help but feel that something is missing. I'm not sure what it could be. Maybe I'm just in one of those funks. Maybe it is because I am soon off to school again, and my final exam is awaiting me after this one. Then maybe I finally have to grow up.

I miss being a teenager right now, then my mood swings would be totally normal and expected. I know that I am a woman, so that aspect could also explain it. I just can't help but feel that everything is going to change after my exam, knowing I only have a few months back at work after the exam, before I have to get out in the world, get a real job and earn real life money - you can sort of built a life with. It's a start. I hope not everything will change, just because of that, but I know things will change.

About my painting: I have not figured out a name for it yet, I will soon take a decent picture of it in daylight where it's signed, then you hopefully can see it more clearly and detailed. With this painting I have used days, mainly for figuring out my next move. It has layers and layers of different colors, and that makes this painting the most complicated and interesting one to this date. It has a depth - literally - that the others don’t have. I hope you can sense it just a little from this night's pictures.


A step further

How I left the painting last time. I am trying to being better at showing the whole process, to hopefully paint a fuller picture of what I do. This time I am adding a bit of Ivory White.   

Close up at the not-brush I am using. 

 The acrylic paint looks funny on the not-brush. So not a brush!

 Nearing the canvas - always a bit nerve wrecking, what if I shrew it up?

 My first thought when I paint a little on a canvas is almost always that I have ruined the whole painting - and then I keep thinking "Fix it, fix it, fix it" and if that doesn't help "Make it work!"

The final result is interesting! But the painting is not done yet. I have a clear idea about the next and final move.

Lovely photos of the clean-up work.

I use acrylic colors from Søstrene Grene - Grene Art. Hope you enjoyed the tour in my "art studio".
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